NAMSA MRO® Approach

Beyond Contract Research, NAMSA is a medical research organization accelerating product development through integrated laboratory, clinical research, consulting, education services and sterility assurance products. Through its MRO approach, NAMSA plays an important role in translational research, applying its unique combination of disciplines – regulatory, toxicology, microbiology, chemistry, clinical and quality – to move clients’ products “from bench to bedside” or from laboratory experiments through clinical trials to actual point-of-care applications more rapidly.


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Therapeutic Expertise

Therapies that affect physical or biological processes of the body are known as “medical” therapies. These therapies can include medications, alterations in diets, changes in sleep habits, increased physical activity, stress reduction and more. NAMSA has extensive medical device testing and clinical trial experience across all of the therapies listed below. Click to find out more or contact us directly.